Glucosamine for Joint Pain

Glucosamine for Joint Pain

Glucosamine for Joint Pain e1318255899270 Glucosamine for Joint PainJoint pain is continuously being studied.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a quick fix found yet.  But it’s been shown that more and more studies of joint pain are including Glucosamine.  There are millions of people who suffer from joint pain who can appreciate these studies.  They may also be surprised that there is a positive outcome for Glucosamine’s effect on joint pain.

Studies of joint pain have been done with Non Steroid Anti-Inflammatory drugs, commonly referred to as NSAID’s.  These drugs are very effective in relieving joint pain but they have also revealed, in some cases, they can do some harm.  Their effectiveness on joint pain is great but they can cause stomach bleeding, ulcers, and even liver damage, which are just a few of the possible side effects.   With this being revealed it is no wonder studies have increased towards a more natural remedy for joint pain.

The studies involving Glucosamine has shown no adverse side effects.  It is believed that Glucosamine has no adverse side effects because it contains natural ingredients and supplements.  Glucosamine is made from shellfish and other compounds that are almost identical to the ones our own body’s produce to keep the cartilage and joint, healthy.

Joint pain usually affects us as we get older.  This is mainly because as we age our bodies slow down.  This slowing down process means the body doesn’t rejuvenate, as well as, it did when we were younger.  This can cause the body not to produce enough Glucosamine to keep the joint and cartilage, healthy.  With the lack of nutrients for the joint, it can become dry, brittle, and damaged, which results in joint pain.  The use of Glucosamine can replace what the body lacks producing, thus keeping the joint healthy.  The studies have shown that using Glucosamine along with Chondroiton may produce an even better outcome.  Keeping the joint healthy is the best way to combat joint pain.

Because Glucosamine is a natural compound, it doesn’t provide the near instant relief of pain relievers or NSAIDs, but it doesn’t have the possible harmful side effects these drugs do.  Many people who suffer from joint pain are looking more for the easy fix.  It’s understandable because joint pain can be debilitating.  But there isn’t an easy fix, and although there are drugs available to provide a quicker relief of joint pain, one may want to consider making a healthier joint also.

If you are considering taking Glucosamine to help with your joint pain, you may want to consider the liquid supplement that also contains other natural ingredients that can aid in your condition. Glucosamine supplement users have reported improvement in as little as 6 weeks.  Every individual accepts treatments differently so it is important to allow some time to see some results.  As with changing any treatment plan it is always recommended that you speak with your primary care physician or specialist treating your condition if you want to add Glucosamine to your treatment plan.