Osteoarthritis Overview

What Triggers Osteoarthritis?

What Triggers Osteoarthritis e1313437764696 Osteoarthritis OverviewIt’s odd. Sometimes you meet someone who is in their 30’s who is dealing with arthritis, then run into someone else who is 70, that doesn’t have any symptoms of arthritis at all. It’s confusing. So what exactly sets off osteoarthritis?  Research has not yet been able to determine a specific cause but they have been able to put together a list of risk factors. Osteoarthritis is the most common version of arthritis and most of us know someone who has this illness.

Your Age

It is an undisputed fact that the older we get the more likely we are to develop arthritis. There is a cartilage that covers the end of the joint. It acts like a blanket and shields the joint from injury. Over time this blanket becomes thinner and loses the ability to repair itself. Doctors sometimes refer to this as the “wear and tear” disease.


If you had a joint injury during your life there is a higher probability that you will develop arthritis in that joint.

Extra Weight

Carrying a few extra pounds? Joints that are the most affected by extra weight are knees and hips. These are the load bearing joints. It is common to find arthritis in these areas and although weight loss can be challenging for many people, it is highly recommended for arthritis sufferers. If you’re having trouble losing weight then one way to tackle it is to set small goals for yourself. Rather than focusing on losing 20 pounds, set your first goal at 5 pounds. Taking small steps can be helpful with weight loss.


Usually exercise of any kind is recommended, and although it also recommended for people with arthritis, the consensus is that people with arthritis should avoid high impact sports. The problem with high impact sports like soccer is the long distance running and knee twisting. Marathon running can also create problems as it stresses the joints for long periods of time.  Activities like swimming that focus less on the joints and more on building muscle tissue are recommended.


The job you have had for many years may also be an indicator of who will develop arthritis.  People who work in the construction industry and those who work at jobs where the tasks are repetitive, such as assembly line workers have a higher incidence of osteoarthritis.


If you are a woman it is more likely that you will develop osteoarthritis. Scientist don’t know why.


There is strong evidence to suggest that if you parents had osteoarthritis then there is a 50% chance or greater that you will inherit the disease.


If you were born with a bone deformity, this will increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis in that area.

Playing the Odds

Osteoarthritis is a complicated disease. Having the risk factors does not mean that you will develop osteoarthritis. If you don’t have any of the risk factors, that doesn’t mean that you won’t develop the disease either. When we talk about risk factors we are talking about probabilities. For information regarding natural arthritis remedies got to http://www.arthritispainadvice.com. More specific details of pain relief treatments can be found on line by typing in “osteoarthritis pain relief.” Hopefully a cure will be found soon.